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Checkout Flow

The Checkout process involves following 4 steps:

  • Delivery Address
  • Delivery Method
  • Payment Method
  • Order Summary

Checkout steps:

  1. Checkout Login Page/Register Page
  2. Checkout Shipping Address
  3. Checkout Delivery Method Page
  4. Checkout Payment Method Page
  5. Checkout Summary Page
  6. Order Confirmation Page

1. Checkout Login Page/Register Page:

Checkout login page beach wear are you there gets login when he place order and goes for payment. this page appears when we are not logged in on website.

2. Checkout Shipping Address:

Checkout shipping address is the page where we can add our shipping address address we want to place our order

3. Checkout payment method Page:

In this page we choose of payment method by which we are going to pay on website. in payment method page we choose the options for payment. like: debit card, credit card, paypal, and so on.

4. Checkout  delivery method Page:

In this page we choose a option for delivery method for shipping, which means we are going to select the shipping mode example here we go again standard shipping free shipping DHL and so on

5. Checkout summary Page:

This page shows summary of all options that we have selected for payment method for delivery method and shipping address. so this is the final page before we confirm our order. we can edit here are all the options we want to change anything because after placing an order you cannot change these details

6. Order Confirmation Page:

Order confirmation page is the last page of the order placement and you will get an email or an SMS according to the website that you confirm your order.