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  • Basically in SAP Commerce Cloud you can prepare any kind of E-commerce webshops: b2c Or b2b etc.
  • For better understanding of these projects , SAP Commerce Cloud provides a complete b2c and b2b and many more E-commerce Demo website.
  • We just need to install these Demo shops. These Demo shops are also called as accelerator in hybris.
  • B2B and B2C Demo shops has a complete flow of e-commerce website
    You can choose any of the step for initialization:

Installation and initialization of b2c accelerator.

Using the Installer:

  • Extract the ZIP to a new or empty new or empty directory of your choice. If you’re using Windows, please use a directory close to the root, and don’t use directories with spaces in their names.
  • Open your terminal or command prompt, and navigate to  <HYBRIS_BIN_DIR>/installer directory.
  • Run command install.bat -r b2c_acc.
    this would be end with BUILD SUCCESSFUL
  • Initialize the system by entering the following command install.bat -r b2c_acc initialize. The initialization may take some time, and the output should end with BUILD SUCCESSFUL

Installation Steps for different versions: