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Model, View and Controller



  • View is part of the any web application that represents data on front-end.
  • It helps the user to interact with the system, creating request and get response back to user .
  • View also represents the data in the form of text, diagrams, and table. For example, any customer view will include all the UI components like text boxes, drop downs, etc.
  1. Example : Any page of the website is an example of View.
    like : HomePage, ProductPage etc.
    Note: A page can contain paragraph, images and many more components.
  2. These components are the part of View


  • Controller is the part any web application that handles the user interaction.
  • It takes input from the View (given by user), manipulates model and gives response back to user on View .
  • Controller sends commands to the model to update its state. (E.g.Saving a specific Model).

Example : Controller helps a User to submit a form and updates the data in backend.


  • Model holds data and helps it to transfer between Controller and any business logic for manipulation.
  • Whenever data is manipulated, its always updated in Model then saved into database .

Example: CustomerModel always stores Data, which is related to any Customer.