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Upgrading Data Hub from 6.7 to 1808


  1. Download SAP Commerce 1808 and unzip the package.
  1. Shut down any server running Tomcat Data Hub.
  2. Back up your database.
  3. Move the old datahub-webapp directory out of <TOMCAT_HOME>/webapps.
  4. Update your datahub-webapp.xml file to point to the new Data Hub 1808 WAR file.
  5. If there are any release-specific upgrade steps, perform them now.
  6. Start up Tomcat/Data Hub.
  7. Verify that any existing data has not been affected by the upgrade, and that new data is processed as normal.


The Status and Version endpoints are secure in Data Hub. Set up OAuth in your to access them.

Release-Specific Upgrade Steps

These upgrade steps are specific to the upgrade to this release and need to be performed for out-of-the-box SAP Commerce functionality to work.


Data Hub ships with SQL scripts to update your database schema during your version update. The following scripts are provided, one for each of the major databases supported by Data Hub:

  • datahub-hsqldb.sql
  • datahub-mysql.sql
  • datahub-mssql.sql
  • datahub-oracle.sql
  • datahub-sap.sql (for SAP HANA)


The datahub-sap.sql script assumes a schema named integration. If your Data Hub schema has a different name, you must edit the script as needed before running it.

In the Data Hub distribution zip file, the scripts are located in the /hybris/bin/ext-integration/datahub/migration/sql/update-source/<xx_to_xx> directory, where <xx_to_xx> specifies the current version to the upgrade version.


  1. Use a tool to access your database, and run the appropriate script to apply the desired update. For instance, if your database is MySQL 6.x, use the datahub-mysql.sql script. Make sure that the database user you are logging in with has all needed rights to perform the provided SQL statements.


The update-source directory also contains scripts for the migration of earlier versions. If you are upgrading to 1808 from a version earlier than 6.7, run all intermediate scripts between your earlier version and the current version, in order. Refer to the migration steps for the earlier versions for more details.

  • Set the value of the datahub.autoInitMode property to ignore on each node you are updating, to avoid any loss of data when you restart Data Hub.


Be aware that HTTPS is enabled in this version by default. Thus, some URLs in your configuration values might need adjustment in the protocol for example datahub.server.url or datahub.extension.export URL

Additional Information

These upgrade steps are intended to assist in the upgrade of custom-developed extensions. Do not perform them on out-of-the-box SAP Commerce functionality.