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Legacy Cockpit modification

The legacy cockpit framework is slowly being removed by the next generation cockpit framework, but it won’t be done before mid 2018, for more information have a look at the deprecation status page on SAP Hybris wiki. Therefore it’s
really important to know how to work with the cockpit framework.

Within a cockpit you have different key elements :

• Navigation area, where can find tree views, links, history…
• Browser area, where you see list or grid of elements.
• Editor area, display an item to edit it

To import cockpit configuration you have two choices :

• automatically if you respect the out of the box naming convention
• manually (not recommended)

To automatically import cockpit configuration the convention requires :

  • a folder resources/-config
  • the main folder cannot be empty and must contain at least :
  • a XML configuration that affects all users and user groups
  • a folder with XML configuration inside, the folder name needs to be user
  • id or a group id (validated during the import), it can contain only XMLfiles and no subfolders, inside this folder you have configuration files :

• they must match this pattern contextID _ ObjectTemplateCode.xml

• available context ID are defined within the bean ctxID2FactoryMappings

• ObjectTemplateCode are item types and are validated by the type service