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CMS restriction : Personalization

The BTG extension (Behavioral Targeting Group) provides the AP module(Advanced Personalization), with this module you can customize per customer the CMS items to display or to add. SAP Hybris customer segmentation groups your customers into multiple subset and activate actions. Segmentation rules Out of the box you have access to pre-configured segmentation rules :

Cart rules

  • cart is empty
  • total sum of cart
  • categories of products in cart
  • products in cart
  • size of the cart
  • quantity of one product in cart

Order rules

  • categories of product in last orders
  • each last orders total sum
  • total order value
  • products in last orders
  • number of orders in a date range
  • last order date

Customer rules

  • belongs to a group
  • gender
  • country
  • postal code

Website rules

  • has viewed products
  • has viewed categories
  • has viewed content page
  • referral URL match
  • URL contains parameter

Segmentation actions

  • assign user to group
  • cms restriction

Create a CMS restriction

Example from the electronics store default segmentation :

INSERT_UPDATE BTGSegment;uid[unique=true];name;sites(uid);active[default=true];scope(code)default=ONLINE];$contentCatalogVersion
;electronicsRegularCustomerSegment;Regular Customer Segment;electronics

INSERT_UPDATE BTGRule;uid[unique=true];code;segment(uid,$contentCatalogVersion);ruleType(code);$contentCatalogVersion
;electronicsRegularCustomerRule;Regular Customer Rule;electronicsRegularCustomerSegment;ORDER

INSERT_UPDATE BTGOperator;uid[unique=true];code;$contentCatalogVersion

INSERT_UPDATE BTGNumberOfOrdersRelativeDateOperand;uid[unique=true];value;unit(code);$contentCatalogVersion

INSERT_UPDATE BTGIntegerLiteralOperand;uid[unique=true];literal;$contentCatalogVersion

INSERT_UPDATE BTGExpression;uid[unique=true];leftOperand(uid,$contentCatalogVersion);rightOperand(uid,contentCatalogVersion)
;operator(uid, $contentCatalogVersion);rule(uid,

INSERT_UPDATE BTGAssignToGroupDefinition;uid[unique=true];code;target;userGroups(uid);segment(uid, contentCatalogVersion);$contentCatalogVersion
;electronicsBtgAssignToRegularGroup;Add to Regular Segment;assignToGroup;regulargroup;electronicsRegularCustomerSegment

A customer segment can be evaluated in 2 different modes :

  1. optimized processing, evaluation of the segment stops after the first rule that could not be fulfilled
  2. full processing, all segment rules are evaluated, whether they have been fulfilled or not Full processing has an impact on performances !