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Intro to E-commerce website

In SAP Commerce project there are following things are very important :

  • Site
  • Store
  • Catalogs
  • Warehouse

1.Site :

In real life we can relate it as a Shop in market, where we can visit and purchase our stuff. It is also called “shop” in real market. But in hybris we call it “BaseSite“ or “Site”.

home page 1

2.Store :

We can relate this as a “showroom”, which is connected to shop. It is used to distribute the product among Shops. It is also called “BaseStore”


3.Catalog :

We also use this word in real life.Like : when we visit any shop to purchase any dress, the shopkeeper shows us a Book where we can see some images of products and other stuff. We can choose our design and color from that book. that book is actual catalog in real life. In hybris, this is also the same . catalog contains all the categories and products.

Example of Catalog


4.Warehouse :

it is also plays a role like a storage of bulk supplies all products to store and store shows this products in Site or website.


Lets Understand this in following Images:

Real market :


Online Market:


There is no big difference in online shopping and real shopping. Warehouse and showrooms/ stores are same in both. just the real shop becomes an online shop in online shopping, which is called “websites” .Using Laptop or mobile you can purchase the product online. This is called online shopping.

Types of Catalog:
When we visit any website, we can see a lot of contents and data in that website.we can categories these content in following name:

Content Catalog:

those all data which is not related to the products , like static contents, links, images, paragraphs etc. are called Content data. This data is handled or stored by ContentCatalog.

Product Catalog:

All product related data is stored in ProductCatalog.
It means we can say, in any hybris websites , there are two Catalogs are there:
Example : if there is a site

So it will have two catalogs:

Every catalog has two versions : Staged and Online
It looks like :


Now we will discuss why we need two versions, Staged and Online. Staged version also contains the same data as online version contains.but the data we see on website, comes from online version only but we use Staged version only as a Backup for online version, So if we sometime we lost any data from online we can get the backup data from Staged Version.

when we transfer or copy the data from Staged to Online version, this process is called “Synchronization”.


Before we go for deep-dive into commerce cloud. Our primary goal is to give you a basic idea about E-commerce website. That will help you to understand the flow of E-commerce website development.
Here we will see the basic structure or common pages used in E-commerce website.

Pages used in Website :

Term Used in E-commerce:

  • Order : Buying one or more products is known as “Order”.
  • Consignment : If one order is shipped into two parts.Then this order has two “Consignments”.

  • Checkout Flow : Several Steps followed while placing an order. These steps are known as “Checkout Flow.