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SAP Sales Cloud helps your sales team deliver a personalized experience at every stage of the buying journey – from targeting potential customers, to closing the deal, and recognizing

the revenue

Make the Sales Experience the Customer Experience

In the digital economy, customers are always one step ahead. They’re sophisticated, socially connected, highly informed, and in control. And what do they want most? Products and services delivered in the most convenient, personalized, and cost-effective way possible – with access to a knowledgeable sales person who can act as a trusted advisor. A deep understanding of your customers, their industry, and their unique needs is crucial for making every customer interaction the kind that delights customers and keeps them coming back. But how do you gain this insight and determine the best sales strategies that deliver the best experiences to your customers? SAP® Sales Cloud solutions have the answers.


Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), SAP Sales Cloud helps your sales team deliver a personalized experience at every stage of the buying journey (see figure). Align sales and marketing to build a strong pipeline. Simplify the quote process and highlight up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. And accelerate sales performance with incentive optimization tools, structured sales coaching, and targeted learning recommendations. You can do it all with SAP Sales Cloud.

Actionable Insight with a 360-Degree

View of Customers By combining front- and back-office data, SAP. Sales Cloud gives you a complete, view of the customer. Sales people can respond in the moment with real-time, actionable insight – even when offline.

Augmented Intelligence and Real-Time Predictive Analytics

AI-driven prescriptive insights powered by SAP Leonardo technologies. SAP Sales Cloud intelligently guide your sales team with next best actions based on past customer-buying behavior, interactions, engagement, sales rep activity, product pricing and mix, and more.

Social Collaboration to Close Deals Faster

Accelerate sales cycles by collaborating effectively with your sales team, internal experts, customers, and partners – all in the context of your accounts and opportunities.

Cloud-Based Platform

Realize your vision for next-generation customer engagement with an agile, cloud-based solution that offers lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and shorter time to value. SAP Sales Cloud is designed for quick adoption, with minimal IT help.

Support for Enterprise Mobility

Make every interaction count with mobile support for various device types such as desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Even when working offline, salespeople can engage customers, manage activities, access marketing content, and track performance.

Industry Editions

SAP Sales Cloud solutions offer specific functionality across industries such as consumer products, wholesale distribution, professional services, high tech, financial, insurance, automotive, manufacturing, and public service.


Give your sales people the agility and power to find answers, engage in meaningful customer conversations, build a stronger pipeline, and maximize your sales efforts. SAP Sales Cloud provides you with an end-to-end customer management platform that brings mobility and simplicity to your sales organization and powers it with intelligence. Account insights extracted from front- and back-office data coupled with sales intelligence empower your sales reps to maximize the lifetime value of your customers. Intelligent lead and opportunity management provides the insight and guidance they need to focus on and accelerate the most promising business. Comprehensive activity and visit management helps ensure that every sales rep can exceed expectations by following best-practice sales methodologies. With visibility into financial incentives and other gamificationdriven KPIs, your sales reps keep motivated and aligned with corporate goals. Rich dashboarding and reporting capabilities enable them to constantly monitor the health of their pipeline and see how they stack up against their peers. Meanwhile, sales managers can compare performance with quota in real time wherever they are and constantly course-correct or mentor as needed to exceed sales targets.


When it comes to driving sales productivity, one-on-one sales coaching can be far more effective than classroom or online training. SAP Sales Cloud simplifies the process for delivering the best coaching sessions possible. A comprehensive system of record with dynamic dashboards, insightful reporting, and powerful analytics helps to track sales performance data. Based on this data, SAP Sales Cloud serves up personalized coaching recommendations that indicate how sales reps can earn more income for themselves and the company. Managers can create field coaching sessions with specific action items for individual sales reps depending on coaching objectives. Guided experiences, intelligent suggestions, voice-to-text dictation, prebuilt reports, templates, libraries of best practices, and periodic reminders all help to move the coaching process along. What’s more, the coaching capabilities of SAP Sales Cloud are highly configurable to your organization’s specific needs. And you can extend your coaching with integration to onboarding, enablement, learning management, territory and quota planning, and incentive compensation management solutions.


With centralized product information, a rulesdriven configuration engine, and powerful AI, SAP Sales Cloud does more than automate the configure, price, and quote (CPQ) process – it delivers the intelligence your salespeople need to sell the right solution at the right price. Maximize your chance of closing each deal with price optimization tools. Increase deal size and elevate the buyer experience with cross-sell and up-sell recommendations that customers want. Drive productivity with templates and other tools that turn product configurations into orders with a single click – on any device. SAP Sales Cloud also empowers sales managers with automated approvals that enforce sales strategies. You can set gross margin thresholds to better achieve sales goals. And with support for multitier pricing and e-commerce, you can support global sales teams selling in any location, any language, and any currency. Once a customer agrees to do business with your organization, time is of the essence. Instead of taking days or weeks to generate a contract, SAP Sales Cloud empowers your sales reps to generate contracts with legal-approved templates and clauses. Now you can create, negotiate, and collaborate on contracts with your customer in the cloud. With digital signatures, contracts are automatically routed to the appropriate places to start the order process.


The way you structure your sales commissions programs can impact sales behavior dramatically. Without dependence on IT, you can use SAP Sales Cloud to model, design, build, distribute, and manage your compensation plan in a way that drives sales and revenue. Run what-if scenarios to evaluate the best possible plan for all contingencies. Monitor payout anomalies to help ensure that incentives are driving the right behaviors. Use autogenerated recommendations to optimize compensation plans with AI-enabled insights. And with features that simplify administration – such as real-time tracking of plan acceptance – you can help ensure that your entire sales force is onboard enterprise-wide. Sales reps get complete visibility into payouts and performance – with the ability to accept plans, raise disputes, view statements, track performance, and forecast income. This helps align management and salespeople with sales strategy and goals. With a comprehensive audit trail maintained at all times, SAP Sales Cloud gives you one-click traceability for all payout amounts back to the originating transaction for compliance with internal policies and external regulations.


The ability to rapidly monetize new and evolving business opportunities is critical in an economy where the customer experience is everything. Agile subscription billing with SAP Sales Cloud gives you the flexibility to swiftly monetize new business models – including one-time, usage-based, and subscription billing, or any combination thereof. Deliver a superior omnichannel user experience by connecting front-end sales to order orchestration, fulfillment, and billing. Align operations from quote to invoice and back again while iterating offers based on consumption behavior to enable continuous monetization. In the end, subscription billing provides the agility you need to anticipate, plan, and adapt dynamically – pushing you far beyond linear, fixed monetization processes to help you deliver better customer experiences.


From lead to cash with SAP Sales Cloud, you’ll be able to:

  • Sell anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Access real-time customer and sales data.
  • Gain new insights through guided selling.
  • Achieve sustainable revenues with subscription billing.
  • Design intelligent sales incentives.
  • Create a high-performance sales team